Hello Darling, my name is Fabulous Von Raptor (AKA Zoe).

I am a self-professed nerd, mouth foamingly obsessed with design and a self-taught nail artist from Australia.

My obsession with nail art has been a peripheral interest from my childhood. In the days prior to gel nail polishes (like many other rambunctious humanoids) I had so many breaks that I kept my nails close to the quick. Occasionally I would undertake intricate pieces; which would either be ruined by underestimating drying times, followed by overzealous bag rummaging or decimated by daily activities. Super. Stressful.

With the advent of LED/UV cured gel nail polish technology and the gentle suggestion of a sibling – I once again tried my hand talons at (gel) nail art. That was 2 years ago; slowly I began to experiment, expand my collection, techniques and before I knew it I was full blown maniac-obsessed with nail art! Although silver lining; I’m somewhat easily distracted… and this has stuck as a weekly ritual; plan, remove, reapply and now post.

I have a delightful following of Raptors (with all natural talons) here in Canberra; who have made my ritual, their ritual and I now invite you to get involved.
Get your talons into it and be F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

xx Fabulous Von Raptor


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