Merry Christmas Mix-Tape

Happy Birthday Credit Card Debt… /Infant Demi-god/Saturnalia Celebrations. Here. Candy canes with mocked 3D Holly and red cable sweater. Seasonal fashionable flashback post with highlight reel of Christmas talons. H’mere. Blues with golden gilding and swirls. Scm’ere. Scandinavian sweater knit patterns, with smatherings of green/red glitters. A-hoy-A-hoy’Here. Christmas lights, featuring… Love, Joy and Ho’s. As above … Continue reading Merry Christmas Mix-Tape

Radical Rudolf inspired Christmas Lights…

…Rudolf has nothin’ on these talons. I’m a Nerd – I loves me techie-sci-fy looking non-sense… made even more crippling by the silly season. My previous posts touch on wearable, eclectic and kitsch looks for Christmas – this one is no different. Less wearable. More fabulous. Tinsel bit Radical, DUDES! ‘Dem Christmas Lights! Good for when you’re lost in a forest … Continue reading Radical Rudolf inspired Christmas Lights…

…it was a Starry Night

Seasons Greetings… also, Happy prepping for New Year… i.e. Carbo-Load for all those dranks. Red and Gold, the harbinger of the silly season… I do adore the more directly “Christmassy” looks, but I wanted something less… this time. #ChristmasPacing #RememberToChewYourFoodProperly Of course, as a Raptor I am quite attracted to all things shiny… and as … Continue reading …it was a Starry Night

Piecing together some Patchwork

Quilting isn’t just for Grandma or … Serial Killers. #ThingsJustGotDark Coming into the hectic/less than productive time of year, thought ‘d give you a break from all the Seasonal Cheer. Let’s get crafty/dark – with some Patchwork, y’all. Although, there is Nightmare Before Christmas… who had Sally, who is also patchwork. Sally and I have … Continue reading Piecing together some Patchwork