Fabulous Friends #13 – Sailor Jerry, Ahoy!

Best short-list ever: Rum, Tattoos and Nail Art – what could go wrong?

Fabulous Friends - Sailor Jerry, Ahoy

Fabulous Friends – Sailor Jerry, Ahoy

A lot really… but that particular abomination isn’t getting posted here, ever. Unless I had a train-wreck inspired theme! Moving on to my Fab-Friend and gorgeous Land-Lover, Sarah, offered her talons up to The ‘scurvy-Raptor – as she was quite besotted by my Sailor Jerry look. Results are Booty-licious!

Go home cat, you're drunk

Go home cat..! You’re drunk… At least she’s not trying to drive again – barely able to see over the steering wheel, especially still nursing a comical sized daiquiri.


In all honestly this is a really complicated look – wish I could say it was easy; but many, many layers and colours! Almost as much as a onion in full Medieval Armour – Ha, imagine the smell in summer… would it be appetizing?

Fabulous, x

So what you think, Darling?

Share your experiences with grog, tatts and nails. How many drinks into the night did you decide gettin’ inked was the BEST idea ever? Regretting that Rainbow Brite tramp stamp was appropriate? Wake up with a lot of regret and a whole mess of beat-up talons?


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