Fabulous Friends #12 – Are you Loco-for-Boho?

…added points if your cray-cray for Glitter and Rhinestones.

Fabulous Von Raptor –

Fabulous Von Raptor – Loco for Boho


It’s time to be Fabulous – don’t judge me – this affliction is VERY contagious and looks like the inside of a street sweeper after Mardi-Gra… Fab. As. Heck. I haven’t even touched any wine medication to take the edge off yet… strong onus on Yet. 

Fabulous Von Raptor –

Fabulous Von Raptor – Loco for Boho

Feature talon has a three point design (oriental inspired) starting with a transparent glitter base, glue pop-on some rhinestones and gold caviar – real caviar, Darlings. All other talons are French manicured, with glitter pressed into the white section and finishing with transparent glitter. These throw light like a strobe light in a ladies fitting room; as in your not entirely what’s going on – but you’re happy its happening and willing to dress for the occasion.

Fabulous, x

So what you think, Darling?

Share your experiences with fitting rooms, any weird light fixtures? I once went into one and could see the surveillance camera hub thing mounted on the roof… really put me off going to the bathroom though. The savages, let me go in peace… jokes, don’t do that. I worked in a Department store as a teenager, and – I can’t even.


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