Fabulous Friends #10 – Marbled Pastels

End of the week, everyone say Quick post!

Fabulous Friends #10 Pastel Marble – Credit to Jen (phone quality)

Fabulous Friends #10 Marbled Pastels – Credit to Jen (phone quality)

Another one of my Darlings and this look is very fitting for the weather today, very serene and mellow. Start with a white base and work all your pastel colours onto the “blank canvas” – it might take you a few passes. Select a muted pastel hue for your feature nail talon and then finish all the talons with an AB topcoat. Done and dusted!

Fabulous, x

So what you think, Darling?

Share your experiences with end of week wind-down. How do you let your hair/hands down? I draw genitals on public signs… I’m a bad Raptor. LOL. Joking. Don’t deface public property, it’s already ugly enough.


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