The Alien-icure… for the discerning extraterrestrial

…bursting onto the scene – The Alien-icure!

*queue chest explosion*
Fabulous Von Raptor - Alienacure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Alienacure

I like nerding out.. a lot! That is just a fact, and it’s no secret that I’m pretty obsessed with H.R. Giger (R.I.P.) – who I’ve previously featured as an inspirational quote. Giger is the inspiration for this manicure. Alien-icure is REALLY tricky; despite how much I would love to get all face-huggy with the details… to explode-out-of-the-ribcage with screeching excitement… Ha, references *cough* moving on~ it’s a little too intense for a full breakdown.


Alienicure Inspiration – 1979 motion picture Alien (Image Rights 20th Century Fox – Promotional Material)

Giger worked as both a fine and applied artist, with a unique ability to adpat his aesthetic to many mediums and subjects. He also actively dabbled in films – most notably the Alien series. Following the 1979 release of the Alien, Giger went on to received an Academy Award for “Best Achievement for Visual Effects.”

Fabulous Von Raptor - Alienacure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Alienacure

For the actual manicure look – my little piggies are adorned with soon-to-be little aliens; AKA Face-Hugger egg sacks! I cannot tell you the frequency of nightmares I had of these eggs sacks, probably was watching R Rated films too young. I only just learnt Alien was R Rated?!

Fabulous Von Raptor - Alienacure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Alienacure

I blacked out my nail beds, then stylus’ed in the outer edge of the egg sack with white for contrast – cure. Outlined the egg sacks again, getting the lower detail and a finer outer line – cure. Outlined the edge using Neon Green, and pulled the colour gradation out from the eggs – cure. Overlayed a green glitter – cure. Voila – le Face Hugger Eggs! It sounds easy; it actually TAKES FOREVER and a lot of smudging, removing, sighing, reapplying, swearing and head palm slaps…. got there in the end though.

Fabulous Von Raptor - Alienacure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Alienacure

Feature nail for this look is distinctively inspired by Biomechanics (also known as Biomech) – popularised by Giger after the success of Alien. Also, fun fact an insanely popular style of tattoo artistry in the 1990’s… I think it has been surpassed by the whole SteamPunk aesthetic now… sad. Using Black, White and Silver tones, I created ridges using a flat surface and relying on my shading technique – which is tricky with a wet medium, that moves fast and dries only under a lamp – so I have NO IDEA what’s happening in the curing stages.

Fabulous Von Raptor - Alienacure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Alienacure

Giger’s aesthetic is pseudo-organic, hence biomechanics – it’s a naturally occurring structure with essential pieces substituted with machinery. To create interest on my oh-so-smooth nail bed (natural), I used some beads cut in half to create the raised ridges (mechanical)… and a lot of nail polish/patience. Intersecting/directional lines, gradation in colour and scale – emphasis on tone and not colour. I am so happy with how this nail turned out!Profile view of nail; you can see how I’ve exaggerated the shape by using tonal shading.

Fabulous Von Raptor - Alienacure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Alienacure

Funny fact – it made 90% of people I talked to about this manicure really uncomfortable because it was “so unnatural.” Which is exactly what I was going for! I really like the idea of 3D manicures, and will be doing a lot more in the future, have even come up with some super fun application techniques and products to try.

Fabulous, x


So what you think, Darling?

Share your own unusual creation – what was your inspiration and how did you go?

Remember – don’t let your children watch R Rated movies people! Geez.


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