…Not So Sombre-Ombre

I’m cold and in denial about that fact…

…I’m coping with a Bright Neon Chartreuse Ombre Manicure… it helps and is very easy.

Rapid fire – Prep + Prime, thin base coat – cure.


Fabulous Von Raptor – Sombre Ombre

For all digits apply 2 layers of your most opaque white/pastel tone gel polish (3 depending on opacity) – I used Harmony Gelish Snow Bunny cure.

Select your contrast – I used a Harmony Gelish Coco Cabana Banana, with a partially dry brush drag the brush from the upper section of your nail-bed (pulling down from the cuticle) and stopping just past halfway down the nail. For each nail it’s important not to have too much product on the brush – keep repeating the motion until your happy with the dispersed hues – cure.

If your still not happy with your ombre effect – repeat the above process. You can even layer other colours, creating different effects with the transparency/opacity of each gel polish*

Fabulous Von Raptor - Sombre Ombre

Fabulous Von Raptor – Sombre Ombre

I finished the look with 3 little stylus spots – in hindsight I would of really liked a moustache, maybe next time.


Fabulous, x


So what you think, Darling?

Share your experiences with layering colour – what worked, what didn’t work and Darling?

Remember – there’s is never a bad time for neons!


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