Fabulous Friends #1 – Speckled Neon Egg

Introducing Fabulous Friends and it’s official Friends with Benefits now extends to manicures!

Featured below is Deja – who I recently worked on, as she’s an eclectic bird we went with a neon speckled egg look.


Fabulous Friends with Von Raptor – feat. Deja – Harmony Gelish Manicure

To achieve this look:

  • Prep + Prime
  • 1 thin later of gel base coat – cure.
  • Select which nail you want as your feature – due to Deja’s impressively shiny black engagement ring – this feature point is a metallic prism design (important to have tonal contrast against all the vibrant hues)
  • Apply one layer of a metallic tone (I used Harmony Gelish – Midnight Caller) French tip – Cure. Apply another coat – Cure.
  • Using your stylus – trace the line between the junction of the nail where the tip is and the exposed nail-bed, follow this line to trace along to the edge of your nail. Then create rectangular prisms over the metallic gel polish, depending on the length of your nail – you may want a wider or narrower prism – Cure.
  • Apply one layer of a clear/translucent glitter, I used Harmony Gelish Silver Sands Cure. 
  • For the remaining digits apply 2 – 3 Layers (depending on opacity – there should be no show-through) – cure. I used Harmony Gelish Snow Bunny.
Fabulous Friends with Von Raptor - feat. Deja -Harmony Gelish Manicure

Fabulous Friends with Von Raptor – feat. Deja – Harmony Gelish Manicure

  • Make a selection of 6 contrast colours – I used Harmony Gelish Amazon Flirt (Green), Coco Cabana Banana (Yellow), Tiki Tiki Laranga (Orange), Shake It Til You Samba (Pink), Ooba Ooba Blue (Blue), You Glow I Glare (Purple).
  • When working with with numerous colours **you need to cure one colour layer and move onto another***
  • Using each gel polish brush (ensure there’s not too much product on the brush) – create small dry brush spots onto the white section with about 12% coverage for each colour (with 28% white remaining) – Cure.
  • Once you’re happy with the overall look; and if you need to balance the colour ratio more dab away- Cure.
  • Apply a layer of top-coat, remove residual and apply cuticle oil/balm.

Wham, bam, thank you M’am!

Fabulous, x


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