Absolutely to Tie-Dye For Nails!

Hello Darlings,

There’s nothing I love more than strong colour pay-off; full on saturation – even more gratifying is when the product performs well. Enter this fabulous look, neon pink with feature rainbow tie-dye nail.


Fabulous Von Raptor – To Tie Dye For!

Prep + Prime and apply a thin base coat – cure.

Select the desired look, as in one feature nail or are they all rainbow tie-dye.

Apply complimentary neon hue to non-feature nails 2-3 coats – cure. Layers depend on the opacity, neon shades may be a thinner composition and require more product.

Apply 2 layers of white or opaque pastel tone – cure.


Fabulous Von Raptor – To Tie Dye For!

Select the colours for the rainbow feature – blot these onto a small piece of aluminium foil for the application to follow.

Using the stylus create a small swirl of the lightest shade in the centre of the nail. Without touching the colours, and leaving one millimetre of white. Moving out from the circumference of the light colour, getting darker – apply rings of the rainbow colour selections.

Once all the colours have been placed; in the same circular motion quickly use the stylus to blend the intersecting colours over the blank white areas. If you’re not happy with the colour bleed and transference effect – ie. there is no teal tone in the yellow where you would like, blot some more colour onto the nail and then gently blow on the surface. Be careful though, darker colours quickly overpower and saturate lighter hues.

Once you’re happy with the overall look – cure.

Fabulous Von Raptor - To Tie Dye For!

Fabulous Von Raptor – To Tie Dye For!

Apply a layer of top-coat, remove residual and apply cuticle oil/balm.

This look is ridiculously fun and I got a lot of comments – at the coffee shop, grocery store, jewellers in Monaco (OK, that one was made up…). Wonderful look for summer, flirty and a little bit quirky – but it still has a polished finish.

So what you think, Darling?

Share your experiences and colour-play stories below and remember – there’s no such thing too much colour!


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