Pacman – How to nail those power-pellets!

Hello Darlings,

As my initial Pacman post was a teaser – here’s a breakdown for you to replicate this look at home. This look requires patience (lots of layers), a steady hand and maybe a friend to tag-out to finish your dominant claw. Overview of layers – Base, Black, Black, White, Colour (depending on look), White, Black, then Topcoat!

Fabulous Von Raptor - Pacman Manicure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Pacman Manicure

To begin prep your workspace and prime your nails for application of gel-manicure. ***7 P’s for any body of work: Prior, Proper, Planning, Prevents, P*ss, Poor, Performance!***

Apply one layer of Based Coat, try to keep this really thin and smooth – cure.

Apply two layers of black gel polish – cure. At this stage the nail should be fully opaque, no flesh tone peeking though. Caution: darker compositions may bubble, be sure to check the curing is solid and binding to the base coat. Nothing worse than getting to top coat and then having to rinse repeat. Agonising.

Select the feature placement for each nail, eg. Ghost, Pacman, Cherry, Ghosts, Power-pellets and their associated colours.

Load your stylus with use whitest white or most opaque pastel; if you only have standard (no shimmer) colour and want something a little more fabulous – use a pearlescent or metallic base colour. Due to having a black background with the previous layers, there must be enough contrast for the characters to be  distinguishable and vibrant! Using your handy stylus, begin creating flat, simple shapes – depending on your level of skill, these base shapes become fundamental for creating an effective total look. Don’t overwork the design and know when to stop, work in small measures – you want the shapes to be Pacman and not Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period. If you make a mistake, take a lint free swab and isopropyl alcohol – wipe white from the surface of the cured black. If you’re not happy with the opacity of the white and can still see some black, just blot tiny little pearls of white into the main body of the design – cure.

Now, it gets heaps easier with heaps more colour. Over the top of the base shapes, block on colour (depending on the composition you’ve chosen) – cure.

Load your stylus with white, blot the peepers on your ghosts and power-pellets – cure.

Load your stylus with black and blot the iris of Pacman and the ghosts eyes – cure.

Final top-coat,  wipe off residue with alcohol and apply a cuticle oil/balm – you’re done!

Fabulous Von Raptor - Pacman Manicure

Fabulous Von Raptor – Pacman Manicure

Fabulous, x

Actual products used: CND Shellac Top & Base Coat, Harmony Gelish in Coco Banana (Yellow), Black Shadow (Black), Snow Bunny (White), Carnival Hangover (Pink, although its actually redder purple tone), Amazon Flirt (Green), Tiki Tiki Laranga (Orange), Ooba Ooba Blue (Blue).

Tools required: Stylus – Metal or plastic


So wakka-wakka you think, Darling?

Share your experiences below and remember – there’s no such thing so too much glitter layers.


4 thoughts on “Pacman – How to nail those power-pellets!

  1. OH F.V. Raptor your work is AMAZING, can’t wait to see more!
    I would need my fabulous and creative nail lady to attempt something like this on me, i can pre-empt that i won’t have the patience to finish something this detailed.
    PS. super cool watermark!

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